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Looking for Instant activation RDP Service?

Go with Starter RDP its all you need.

Starting @4$/mo.

Starter RDP Features

  • Cheapest Price in the market
  • Moderate Users
  • Managed Servers
  • Rapid Product delivery
  • Available in Regular,Admin & Botting RDP Plan
Choose Starter RDP Plans

Looking for Performance Windows RDP?
Pro RDP got you all covered.
Starting @6$/mo.

Pro RDP Features 

  • Affordable Price, Extremely Managed Servers
  • Very Low Users p (<6 Active users)
  • Higher Resource Availability
  • Priority Premium Support On demand 
  • Available in Regular,Admin & Botting RDP Plans
Choose Pro RDP Plans!

RDP Nod Specs

  • CPU  Intel Xenon E3 1220 4C/4T @ 3.1 GHz

  • Ram ECC3 DDR3 32GB

  • Network Premium 1Gbps

  • Storage  2x High-performance Enterprises HDD

  • Location : Paris,France

Starter RDP

Buy RDP at just 4$/month 


Awe Regular RDP
Awe RDP is regular RDP with no admin access, You can run this high-performance PC 24*7 and best suitable as a private secure personal computer with enterprise level performance and Ultra fast 1Gigabit network. Starting at just 4$/Mo

Oddity RDP

Oddity Admin RDP
Oddity RDP is a Remote desktop plan with admin rights.You can install your application and tool without requesting from us and run with admin rights as well. Starter Oddity RDP Plans starting just @6$/Mo. Click the button below to know more and ordering service.

Override RDP

Override Botting RDP
Starter Override RDP plan comes with no admin rights but you are able run your bot such as traffic bots, Imacros scripts or forex tools 24*7. However we don\\'t allow bitcoin mining etc. You can request us for installation of any program which needs admin rights via the support tickets. Our starter Override Plan stating just @5$/Mo.


Starting at just 6$/month 


Awe Pro RDP
Pro Awe Rdp features with High-performance CPU with more Compute cores and lowest users in the NOD Rdp Server which enables more resource availability between limited users. It\\\\\\'s best suitable for private and resource demanding work. Starting at just 6$/Mo.

Oddity RDP

Oddity Pro RDP
Pro Oddity Admin RDP is best plan to choose as it gives you the ability to install your programs on your own without our intervention.The Pro plan gives you the control of the giant server specs with lowest users share. Plans stating from 8$/Mo

Override RDP

Override Pro RDP
Pro Override RDP enables you a powerful botting experience without I/O delays and low-performance .you can run your Traffic Bots,Forex,Imacros scripts etc without any downtime. Stating at just 7$/Mo


Starting at just 5$/month 


USA Awe Regular RDP
USA Awe Regular RDP provides you the network location in The United States. We use high-quality dedicated 1Gbps proxies to have no delay in network performance.It is the best plan if your work requires the network location in the USA. Starting at just 5$/Mo

Oddity RDP

USA Oddity RDP
USA Oddity Admin RDP Provides you the admin rights in the USA Proxified RDP. If you need to work on USA Based IP then it\\'s best admin plan for you. You are allowed to install and run tools with admin rights. Starting just @7$

Override RDP

USA Override RDP
USA Override RDP allows you to run all the botting tools.Such as Forex Trading,Traffic Bots with the USA IP on the network port. It is same in performance as starter override rdp just having the proxified 1 Gbps network ip. Starting just @8$/Mo

Lots of  RDP Providers in town.
Why you should choose us?

Buy RDP risk free 48 Hours full refund

No hidden tricks,policies,use our products 100% risk free!

At Octabaz we provide ease and satisfaction to our customers.We provide 100% full refund on all products if you are not satisfied with the server speed and performance.

Just contact us via support ticket for the refund request within 48 hours from service activation.


Payment Methods We Accept!

Bitcoin/ETH/ALT Coins,PayPal.Payza,PayTm,Credit card,debit card,Net-banking

Managed High End Servers

Our RDP Servers are configured properly and optimized for each types of usages.We are using various optimization tech to lower the cpu usage as much as possible with seamless user experience.

Dedicated Customer Support

We all know how frustrating it can be to have a problem and not get the support you deserve.At Octabaz we value our customers the most, Customer's satisfaction is our highest priority!.Our expert team is here to help you 12/7 and we strive to provide the best customer service possible.

99% Server Uptime

We hate downtime as much as you, and we do everything we can to ensure all our customer's websites have the highest possible uptime for their websites! We are so confident; we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee so that if we don't hit this mark you qualify to receive a credit on that month's hosting fees.

Premium Global Network Port

Our Remote desktop Server comes with premium 1Gbps network which offer high performance download and upload speed.No Limits on Bandwidth upload as much possible. PS. We Don't allow public torrent though.

Buy your rdp now

High-performance Managed RDP servers.

Our RDP server are completely optimized with various methods to provide the performance and security,all our servers are having Powerfull CPU,16/32GB+ Fast Ram,High End Ent. HDD.We promise the user's safety and data is private and anonymity is maintained.

Buy RDP Online

 Software we use.

Still have questions on mind? Just email contact as anytime.