Windows RDP,Linux & Windows  VPS, Dedicated Server

➦ Intel High-End Xenon CPU

➦ Top tier Gigabit network line

➦ Topnotch Hardware ready

➦ Easy Setup,Awesome support ready 24x7

➦ High Disk I/O SSD Available

➦ Maximum uptime guaranteed

Windows RDP
Our Windows remote desktop plans starting just from 4$/m.
Linux & Windows VPS
We provide high-end KVM Linux & Windows VPS at very affordable prices with the Industry standared top-notch hardware. starting just $/m.
Dedicated Bare Metal Server
We are very soon will be providing the bare metal dedicated servers at very reasonalbe prices and premium features. Stay tuned!

Windows Remote Desktop

  • We have Regular,Admin,botting,Encoding RDP Server 

  • Intel Xenon 1220,1270 V6 Dual CPU

  • 1Gbps Highly Dedicated Network

  • Fully Managed via Proxmox VM Technology 

  • Max Uptime, fewer users 

  • Max Stability Fully Blocked Resource hogging 

  • Shared VPS,Dedicated VPS,SSD VPS Server

  • High performance KVM Linux & Windows VPS

  • 8x Xenon upto 3.7Ghz ,32-64GB RAM

  • Top Tier 1 Gbps Network line

  • We Don’t like any limits, Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Easy Deployment,anytime spec upgrade

  • CentOS,Debian,Ubuntu,Windows Server,Plesk ready

  • Backup solution available

  • Max Uptime, No Resources abuse & sharing High stability

  • Multiple Locations USA,NL,France,India

KVM Linux & Windows VPS

Dedicated Server

We are working at something exitining,very soon we will offer TOP Notch Bare metal dedicated server with entrprises level performance at very affordable prices


Lots of Providers in town.
Why you should choose us?

Managed High End Servers

The Servers we have, Damn! ... Stronger Than us 🙁 | We have latest generation of Xenox dual CPUS's wth upto 64GB Of ram.24x7 Power Supply with premium Gigabit Ethernet line.Our dedicated Team knows how to manage this giant house of power for maximum i/O and performance output with lowest downtime.

Security, Support & Flexibility - It’s our M.O.

Data security is a hot topic. We have Advanced firewall ,Anti DDOS Protection. We have routine checkup of security and scan for any vulnerability in our servers.We have dedicated team to check&Patch for all the malware and trojan in our server.We strictly don't allow any pirated or cracked tools on our severs. We also have easy backup solution.

10x Redundancy, 10x Reliability & 10x Speed

You likely have a specific workload in mind. OctaBaz allows you to custom order RDP,VPS or Dedicated servers to match your needs.We have very wide range of virtual products to match all your needs.Better contact us via the support ticket we will surely help you to match the best server and plan for us anytime.

BlazingFast Gigabit Network

Our Servers have top network lines tiedup with major top quality providers to match the speed your Web or apps demands.Premium 1Gbps Network with no network bottlenecking and lowest letancy for maximum speed.

Updated with Modern Tech

We love OpenSource software,You can wide range of apps and OS any you need for your master project.All our servers support linux & Windows distribution as well as latest VM Techonology. CentOS,Debian,Ubuntu,RedHat,Windows Server,VMware,Proxmox and Xen Server instant any easy deployment and migration any time.

Full Root Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers are truly dedicated for you.All the resources are only be accessible to you.We provide full root access you are the only controller of dedicated server with it's full potential.We support all kind of Operating systems with quick installation as well as our dedicated support team is always ready to help you from any trouble 24*7.